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Welcome to PT. Appipa Indonesia Information System

Company Number: 8120312092953
NPWP: 02.544.918.2-215.001

Established in year 2006 and the main business is to thread OCTG and Welding Connector to support Oil and Gas Industries. 
Our manufacturing is based on quality standards determined to assure the quality of product is at international level. Awareness on human resources, health, safety and environment are our priorities. Along with the growth and development of PT. APPIPA INDONESIA, it is our concern to provide the best service in the worldwide market and a solution provider to oil and gas industries.

Address: Jl. Hang Kesturi, Simpang Hock Leong, RT. 001 RW. 004, Kabil, Nongsa, Batam
Phone Number: +62778-711989
Facsimile Number: +62778-711634
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